The walls of Caprie

Via Ferrata di Caprie

Via Ferrata Pareti di Caprie – Route Climbing grade Fairly Difficult+, gap 350 meters, total estimated time 3-4 h

This is an easy and very satisfying route. It is located in the lower valley of Susa, few kilometers form Turin and it is practicable all year long.The path takes shape on the rock face above the village of Caprie. The route gently unwinds through the rock faces in the most popular areas, but it doesn't effect the surrounding environment. Technically the route is divided in two different areas that are connected by a path. The area called Anticaprie is easier and comfortable, it is provided with an indipendent way down and it's thus recommended as first experience or for children. The area called Trapezio di Magia (the  Magic  Trapeze)  is connected  to  the previous one creting a unique beautiful route of moderate difficulty with a gap of nearly 350 meters. Not very frightening but definitively very spectacular is the 25 meters long tibetan bridge. Finally from the peak and its dramatic scenic panorama, a comfortable path leads back to the base in about halfhour.

Muro Boulder - La Sosta climb cafè

La Sosta Climb Cafè arrampicata indoor

Boulder e Parete,

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Reach the town of Caprie on the highway 25 from Turin, or take the A32, with exit Avigliana Ovest/Almese, park your car by the town hall, just in front of the little snack bar. Turn to the left in the narrow street that unwinds through nice residential houses, this is Via Giardini, you could park you car here too, but the lots are limited and reserved to the locals. After few hundreds meters turn again to the left in a narrow street where the sign post via ferrata (via ferrata and climbing facilities) is located. Take the small dirt road, in few minutes you will be in a square surrounded by chestnut trees at the bottom of the wall. Climb the path until you reach a marked intersection, the via ferrata starts from here and the car is only 10 minutes far. The first short part of the route is very easy, it leads to a terrace from which you can follow the edge line, until you reach the peak of a promontory. Proceed along the ledge that takes to the top of the wall. So far the route is easy and not steep; a down way is possible through a path. From here you can follow the route which is marked by small red marks, it goes uphill through the woods and in few minutes leads to the botton of the upper via ferrata. After a series of slabs and vertical walls armed with metal steps, with a 150 meters gap, you will reach the tibetan bridge. Cross it or go around it using the alternative route. You will reach the botton of the final overhang, climb the first wall using the steps and finally you get out along a beautiful red serpentine slab. Way down: from the top, take the marked way down to the valley until you reach the old path that connects Caprie with Campambiardo, follow this route until you reach the small square at the botton of the wall(30 min).

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