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Caprie is a small, quiet village in the Susa Valley, on the left bank of the Dora Riparia River. Caprie is divided into Caprie Centre, Novaretto, Celle, Campambiardo e Peroldrado. This territory was home to many different people of Europe, the Ligurians, the Celts, and the Romans. This village was called Caurum, then Chiavrie and now Caprie. This name derives from local dialect "cevra=capra" (Goat in English). Caprie was old Ocelum, mentioned in the  De Bello Gallico written by Julius Caesar. The historical center of the old village of Caprie, on the edge of Sessi stream, is divided into three "bourg": Villa, Ghet e Truc. L'Antico Borgo is in the "Ghet" bourg.

"Celle" is a group of hauses of Caprie, here it is the curch of St. Maria Assunta with romanesque bell-tower, our cript,ang the hermitage of St. Giovanni Vincenzo. In Susa Valley important monument to visit is the Abbey of Sacra of St. Michele. In Caprie at November they are two very importants meetings."La Vijà cantà" is a evening of folk-songs  and  "La mela e dintorni" is a parade of olds  differents sorts of apples of the Susa Valley. Caprie is starting-point for culturals and gastrononically visits to Turin and Susa Valley. The castles of Casellette, Villardora, Reano and San Giorio. Susa Roman and Medieval, the Abbey of Novalesa, the Fort of Exilles. For the lovers of the nature excursions in the Park of Lacs of Avigliana, Park Orsiera Rocciavrè, Canyons of Foresto and Chianocco, Rocciamelone Mountain, Lac of the Moncenisio, Ecomuseo and Park of the Great Forest of Salbertrand, Vineyards of Chiomonte and Gravere. For who it loves the Festivals and the traditions: Abolition of the Feudatario to Saint Giorio, historical Torneo  of  the  Villages  of  Susa,  historical Racing silk of the Villages of Avigliana, Chestnut of Gold to Susa, Bussolegno to Bussoleno, the Festival of the Canestrello to Vaie, Tuttomiele to Bruzolo, Fair of the Piedmont cheese to Condove, Valsusina Festival of the marrone to Villarfocchiardo. Other manifestations of gastonomically in Susa Valley is "Gusto ValSusa". Without exclusion of events which Valsusa Filmfest and the show of the Mountain.



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  • Chiesa di Novaretto
    Novaretto (Caprie) Chiesa di Novaretto
  • Chiesa di Caprie
    Caprie Chiesa di Caprie
  • Pilone votivo
    Via Giardini Pilone Votivo Pilone votivo
  • Punto di arrivo all'Antico Borgo
    Via Coppo Punto di arrivo all'Antico Borgo
  • Cappella di San Rocco
    Piazza San Rocco Cappella di San Rocco
  • Goja del piss
    Fiume Sessi Goja del piss
  • Chiesa di Celle
    Celle Chiesa di Celle
  • Cripta di Celle
    Celle Cripta Cripta di Celle
  • Laghetto
    Novaretto (Laghetto) Laghetto
  • Piazza Martiri - Festa della Mela
    Piazza Martiri Piazza Martiri - Festa della Mela
  • Santuario di Rocca Sella
    Rocca Sella Santuario di Rocca Sella
  • Panorama
    Valle di Susa Panorama
  • Pianca 'd zura
    Torrente Sessi Pianca 'd zura