Tibetan bridge of the Gorge di San Gervasio

The municipalities of Clavière, Cesana Torinese and Montgenèvre decided to implement the Franco-Italian interregional project called “Cross-border routes through geology, sport and nature at Colle del Monginevro”. The project, which was sponsored by the European Union, the Italian government and the Region Piedmont, carried out the construction, in the Gorge di San Gervasio, of the longest tibetan bridge in the world. The bridge overlooks longitudinally the Piccola Dora water stream. It can be reached both from Cesana by climbing up from the bottom, and from Claviere by descending from the top. Given the difficulty of this project, the actual implementation of the bridge was carried out by a group of Mountain Guides that took care of the preventive survey of the area, the ecological restoration of the gorges, the positioning and stretching of the wires in two directions. Steel bricks form the route, while the excursionist is assured by means of side wire ropes as handrails, and by an upper wire rope where the safety snap ring is attached. The wild scenery of the gorges makes this work unique. The bridge is furthermore longer than the tibetan bridge that was built diagonally above the Po River in Turin, on the occasion of Experimenta 2004 (408 meters against 380). From Cesana the entrance can be found by the main road number 24, nearly 200 meters beyond the intersection to the Monti della Luna, where you can leave your car in a parking lot. The street that runs along the left bank of the Piccola Dora water stream soon becomes a hillside path. Thanks to the works carried out for the interregional project, the path is now armed with trestle bridges and climbing installations. At the end of the path, in a rest area, guides and tourists can kit themselves out to start the climb.