Via Ferrata Gorge della Dora Riparia

Route : Via Ferrata Gorge della Dora Riparia - Giaglione (m. 700)

Climbing grade Fairly Difficult-, estimated time 4-5h.

The via ferrata unwinds inside the excursion route of Susa, Giaglione, Gravere and Chiomonte. It starts at the convergence between the rivers Rio Clàrea and Dora Riparia, its route is parallel to the course of the Dora River. After some kilometers inside the gorges it takes to the vertical wall by the Castle of Giaglione. From here an adventurous route among ledges and walls takes to the village. This itinerary is not a real via ferrata, but rather a kind of armed path. It unwinds through wild unknown areas with vertical exposed walls for which we recommend to have at least some experience. The developement inside this large canyon of the entire route doesn't allow any easy emergency walkway, except from the marked way to Gravere. This is why before starting te route it is necessary to feel totally confident and avoid walking the route if the weather conditions are bad. In the most difficult and steep points the path has been armed with metal steps to facilitate the route, nevertheless some short distances might be hard.

From Susa reach the village of Giaglione, park your car by the schools, the public drinking fountain or the signpost indicating the via ferrata. Then walk along the road that goes through the village of San Giovanni. The road unwinds through nice vineyards and woods, up to an electrical substation (nearly 2 km). Nearby a sloping path will take where the armed path starts. Follow the natural shape of the ledges and walls, you will arrive to a Tibetan bridge. The route alternates from comfortable points, to long and narrow exposed ledges and slabs, however each part is fully armed with metal steps and safety rope. Some passages are bizarre and will be surely remembered. The environment is wild and rich of vegetation. Once crossed the Dora River in its narrowest point, the route continues along the sense of the water stream on the right bank. In some points the path is armed with safety rope, walk up to the path intersection that goes up the mountainside until Gravere. Beyond the intersection the route goes downhill and touches the riverbed of the Dora, this is an easy walk that takes to the second Tibetan bridge. From here the route changes. Once crossed again the Dora River the path proceeds along the Giaglione side, where through a series of slabs, walls, and ledges we can climb up and reach the Castle. This point of the route is more risky and some passages are very steep, there are though few easy paths that allow regaining the 200 meters gap to reach the exit from the Gorge. From the Castle a carriage road takes to the departure point.