Via Ferrata Orrido di Foresto

Route: Via Ferrata Orrido di Foresto - Foresto (m. 500-900)

Climbing grade Difficult-, gap 250 meters, estimated time 2 – 4 hours.

The via ferrata of Orrido di Foresto is the reconstruction of an old route armed in the sixties. The route has been used for nearly twenty years, it was then closed and partly dismantled. recently thanks to the initiative of the Mountain Guides of the valley and the funding paid by the municipality, the via ferrata was restored and partly modified, for a better use of some areas. Today the route employs more "iron" that the original one, this makes the uphill easier, evon though the route rermains difficult. The route develops entirely inside a deep gorge, carved in the ancient times by the Rio Rocciamelone in the tender limestone above the village of Foresto. The environment is gloomy but spectacular at the same time. The rushing stream flows on the bottom of the canyon creating waterfalls and extraordinary pools that always impress the excursionist at the first visit. The sides of Orrido are vertical or overhanging, the don't offer any emergency walkway, which makes the route thrilling.

Via ferrata with some technical difficulties. The route must not be undertaken when the stream has a large water flow, since there are at least 4 fords that could become dangerous. Furthermore the route approaches the second and third waterfalls from a very close distance, which makes impossible not to get wet. From Bussoleno, towards Susa. In the town of Foresto, park the car. Walk the narrow street after the bridge. Find signpost. Follow this path down in the gorge. 10 minutes. Go beyond the climbing structure, go up from the bottom of the stream until you reach the beginning of the via ferrata. The first part is few meters above the water, it takes to the first waterfall, go beyond it using the easy steps. The long horizontal climb uphill goes deep in the gorge up to the second waterfall. Climb the 30 meters high vertical ladder. The path takes to the third waterfall that involves some showers. A small overhang, and a horizontal climb take to the fourth ford. Walk through the small wood until you reach the spectacular Marmitta Dei Giganti that originates the fourth waterfall; beyond it the scenery changes and becomes wider and brighter. Go up along a bent corner, climb a small arête and a vertical wall, and you will be in a sloping wood uphill. Follow the rope along the path track until you reach the end of the obstacles. A steep exposed path takes to the upper side, where the way down is located.