Via Ferrata Orrido di Chianocco

Route : Via Ferrata Orrido di Chianocco - Chianocco (m. 550)

Climbing grade Difficult-, gap 200 meters, estimated time 1.30.2 h.

Short, intense, and pleasant; three adjectives that perfectly describe the route of Orrido di Chianocco.The via ferrata takes shape inside the most interesting natural oasis in the valley, the Special Nautal Resort of Orrido and Station of Leccio di Chianocco, founded in 1980.It is short because after the brief approach route the rest of the path develops whit less than 300 meters of wire ropes. From its top which is a rather insignificant summit except for its view, a fast path is a long traverse with some precipices not to be underestimated, as well as a suspended bridge. It is pleasant because in a short time some radically different landscapes follow one another. The initial path througt the vegetation and few fords takes to the narrower area of the gorge and it is also the start point of the via ferrata. THe space here is enclosed between two gigantic walls of white limestone, that are nearly 80 meters high and very close to each other, sometime the distance between then is less than 10 meters. The traverse proceeds with many steps to help climbing the smooth rocks of the Orrido overang. Once out of the Gorge we are in a wide green valley, where the particular microclimate allows the ilex tree grow naturally, in fact this is a holly tree which is more typical of the coastal area rather than these valleys.  


Arrive to Chianocco taking the highway 25 or the A32, with exit Bussoleno. The via ferrata to the Gorge of Orrido starts in front of the church. Follow the path through the vegetation, under a characteristic natural arch and cross few times the stream until you arrive to the signpost indicating the via ferrata. An initial easy ledge, a steep wall and a traverse take to the tibetan bridge. The bridge takes to the junction Grotta dell' Orrido, a short pat goes inside this natural cave where ancents founding have been discovered. Further on the traverse becomes more demanding due to the mild overhang of the Orrido walls. There are two ways down if you want to have a break and rest next to the gravely riverbed of the stream. Further on there is an overhanging wall and the Traversata Alta. On the top of the highest dam a nice little lake forms in the springtime. The route that now becomes less hard takes to a natural balcony with a spectacular view. Way down: follow the path that takes to the exposed gravely riverbed of the Prebec stream leave the valley along the dirt road and a the first curve abandon it to follow the downhill way to the village, not far from the departure point.