Free-Climbing in Susa Valley

Currently the Valley of Susa can count on eight via ferrata, despite in these regions the via ferrata are not very spread. These nine routes have been newly built, or are restorations of previus routes. Recently a new path is in the design phase and at least good some municipalities have acknowledged the message coming form France, where these kind of routes are extremely popular and every village wants its own via ferrata. The via ferrata  Via  degli  Alpini  on themount Charrà  was built  on an old war track like many other routes in the Dolomites. This path is fun for sport and the same time takes us back in time with its Abbey of Sacra di San Michele right on top of the mount Pirchiriano, the Abbey dates back the tenth century. A naturalistic route that aims at discovering this wild and unknown area with a special vegetation is the Le Gorge della Dora Riparia. Technically the path via Ferrara del Rouas offers routes with different length and difficulties to satisty the beginner, the experts and also children. Two more routes have been located inside protected oasis along the main overhangs of Valle Foresto anf Chianocco.Today the aiem of these via ferrata is to allow also those excursionists with little experience to reach the top of the mountain. Although suitable also for beginners these phats must be never underestimated.

Requested equipment: climbing harness - climbing helmet - screamer with 2 dynamic belays - n° 2 standard climbing karabiners and harness connecting device.



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