Canestrelli e paste di meliga

The canestrello is a biscuit of medieval origin that all families prepared for carnival and other local festivals. Some say that it takes its name from the Piedmontese verb canestrelé, which means to trellis: in other words, like gardeners who install grilles across the soil to support plants. The mould pattern that is typical of the canestrello derives fron the unusual prepartion: small balls of dough are cooked in special waffle-irons heated over a naked flame. There are several versions, from the simple classic recipe (flour, sugar, butter and eggs) then enhanced with various flavourings (cocoa, azelnut, honey, coconut and others). The traditional Vaie version, however, adds only grated lemon peel. The canestrello can be eaten alone or with milk or thea, with zabaglione or chocolate, or even with a raisin wine. The laborious preparation meant this traditional biscuit was becoming extinct.

Ij canestrei 'd Flaminia has recovered the glorious and historic "tools of the trade" to revive this simple yet special, genuine and exquisite biscuit, that you can now enjoy not only on special days, but every day. The authenticity of our product has been assured over the years by the attribution of variours denominations from that of typical Vaie canestrello, to typical Valsusa biscuit, and even inclusion as canestrelli of the province of Turin, part of the hamper of typical products. Ij canestrei 'd Flaminia has been granted these certifications and also voast Piedmont Region's craft excellence award. A lengthy series of testimonials to guarantee a unique and inimitable pruduct.


Ij canestrei 'd Flaminia di Katya Cortese 
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